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Great vinegar. Mother made us do it.

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Love this vinegar!

So much to love here. Crafted, USA made, fast delivery, even a thank you card included with my order which made me smile. I love the product and an so glad I found you!

Cherry rice wine vinegar

I always make my own dressing and this added flavors my palate loved. I can’t wait to make teriyaki sauce with it. This is an amazing company from packaging to delivery to customer service. I bought 4 different bottles of their vinegar and can’t wait to experiment. Don’t hesitate you won’t be

Best vinegarette for salads

It is wonderful in salad dressings. I always added a little maple syrup to the vinegarettes, and this is just perfect. I will try the others soon.

Unique flavor.

I am well pleased with the professionalism of this company and their products.
The flavors are like none other and pleasing to the palate.
I will purchase these products again.

Outstanding and definitely adds a healthy PZAZZ

Im so happy to have such quality healthy vinegar available. I love it and it is so easy to cook with and use on salads. The texture and taste of this small batch vinegar is so much nicer and fresher than the traditional store bought ones. The service was super quick and knowing I'm supporting a small business is important. You definitely need to try this!

Best Flavor

I use red wine vinegar almost daily for my salad dressing. Have tried many different brands - mostly Italian. While what I normally use tastes good, the American Vinegar Works vinegar is noticeably better. Something about it just tastes better - the right amount of sour, sweet, fragrance, etc. Will use only this going forward. Will need to order a bigger bottle next order.

beer and apple cider vinegars

a few years ago I began to make an evening cocktail of a teaspoon over ice and filled with my delicious well water. no longer regularly drinking beer or bourbon, this has filled that space. I discovered Bragg organic vinegar, which was pretty good. BUT your selections are much better.I particularly like the cranberry and beer malt flavors. the hot flavors are for my middle son who loves to cook , so I haven.t tried them yet.

A little extra

I tried this Honey Wine vinegar on a sweet potato. Sounds strange but it's delicious.

Rice Wine Vinegar

I have only used the Rice Wine Vinegar to date. I combined the Rice Wine Vinegar with garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, brown sugar, Soy Sauce, salt and pepper with Shrimp. The combination while utilizing the vinegar made an excellent Sweet and Sour combination with Brown Rice. It was a delicious and very differently flavored dish.

Some of the Best I've tried !

I have tried many Olive Oils in the past and I am always on the look out for a special one, I have found the one.

Thank you for the fine product !

Pepper sauce project

I made a Carolina pepper sauce with this one. It turned out amazing. I simmered it with garlic cayenne black pepper a spoonful of tomato paste and paprika. The. Reduced the volume by one quarter

I copied the recipe using braggs.

The difference was astounding. The complexity of flavor and duration of that taste was amazing compared to the braggs which was good but fell flat very quick.


Love the fullness of the taste


Love the smooth taste

Red wine & Porter beer malt

Your vinegars are bright, vibrant, flavorful
They don’t taste like fruit juice gone sour!

I usually don’t share my vinegar with everyone because they tend to treat it like any other

It needs to be used sparingly. You don’t need much to brighten every dish

Ummm, ummm, GOOD!

I never considered vinegar to be such a necessary component of my cooking until I happened upon these. Now I find excuses to use them almost daily. The beer malt is outstanding with fried fish and making sauces. The rest are in the same class, for use in various forms of cooking. I drank some of the cider, and it was so very much better than the mass-produced stuff we’re all used to. I will be a repeat customer. I hope you are successful and keep producing!

Best vinegar ever. Period.

Full-flavored and perfectly sour! We made several of our routine dishes using these products and every single one was better for it. I will be buying more of your sour elixirs! Thanks!

Great taste

This vinegar is five star great. Great taste, no back of the throat clutching from sourness, adds to the salads and made my gazpacho a hit with the family. Buy it and enjoy it.

Very Good

I love a good vinegar and this is truly one of those. You can sip it or enjoy dipping bread into it.


This ACV is fabulous!


yum! even by the spoonful!


What I have used is awesome. Gave 1 sample pack as a gift.

Good stuff

I bought these as a gift for my wife, who was delighted with them and will be trying more of the flavors.

Intriguing and great on tomatoes.


What can I say. The maple cider vinegar is very good. I am tempted to put the bottle to my lips.

Best vinegar

This Chardonnay vinegar makes great vinaigrettes. It is also delicious on roasted vegetables.

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