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Great vinegar. Mother made us do it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Not your average vinegar

This vinegar is amazing. Full bodied flavor makes the best dressing we’ve ever had.

Excellent flavor

I love these vinegars, they have such a clean, fresh taste. They are really tasty. I will be buying more!!

apple cider blueberry

Refreshing, smooth taste! I've only sipped it so far. I plan to use it in a vinaigrette while on vacation next week. I plan to try other flavors as well!

For Mothers day, I put together the vinegars in some pretty bags for my daughters. They thought the presents original and the vinegars delicious. I will order some for myself. You know, children always come first.Delicious presents

Adds a delightful kick to food

I love the subtle heat this vinegar brings to food. It makes a great marinade for grilled chicken and salad vinaigrette. I find that I'm using it wherever I used to add a squeeze of lemon to dishes to bring a more complex flavor. Great product.

Best Tasting Apple Cider Vinegar

Seriously awesome vinegar! The apple flavor really comes through. I'll be buying it again and again.

Delicious Vinegar!

When the rose wine vinegar I used for years was no longer available, I searched and found this one. I'm so glad because it's even better. The flavor is absolutely delicious and is perfect for salads and so much more! I like it so much I got more to give to friends.

Fragrant and delicate

Floral aromas and fruity acidity without any harsh acetic acid bite. Mild but not bland.

More hype than its worth

I was expecting something completely different. I can’t honestly say that this was any better than any of the other red ones in the garage that I have in my cupboard. There’s very minute differences of flavor but certainly not worth a huge price tag for this one.

First time buyer

Excellent flavors. We enjoyed the vinegars very much. Will buy again and recommend

Great idea to try all these great tastes

I wasn’t sure about some of the varieties offered so this trial size package was the perfect way to find my favorites.

Excellent vinegars

The customer service is wonderful and the shipping was very quick. The vinegars I’ve tried ( rice vinegar and red wine vinegar) are great. I’m excited to try the Porter malt vinegar on some fried fish. Yum.

Red Wine Vinegar

Absolutely outstanding! Great flavor profile.


Perfect for my daily salad! Amazing flavor.

Ultimate Red

Wow! I make a lot of Italian food and red wine vinaigrette is my everyday go to. I’ve had MANY red wine vinegars, and none have been this good!
It doesn’t just bring the acid, it’s complex like red wine. Not a one note wonder, but a symphony of flavor.
My husband and I treated his co-workers with a home cooked meal for their overnight shift. He told me one of his co-workers remarked, “Holy crap! What the heck did your wife put in this salad dressing? I could drink it!” Any product that gets me that kind of compliments is a keeper in my book! I will definitely purchase the big bottle of ultimate red.
I use a lot of RWV and I wish I ordered the big bottle to start!

Hot Cider Vinegar

I recently discovered AVW online. As an avid cook, with an appreciation for artisan products, I just had to order some. I ordered Hot Cider, Porter Malt, and Ultimate Red.
Wow! Fast shipping and great packaging.
All were complex like a fine wine.
I really enjoyed the layers of flavor in all of them, but the Hot Cider Vinegar brought subtle heat with just the right balance of acid. If you’re worried about too hot, don’t worry, it’s not overpowering.
I recently used it in a slaw on fish tacos and it did not disappoint. I seriously doubt I will ever be satisfied with a lesser vinegar. Great product! I also gifted some to my favorite cooks. Try some and share the love!

Perfect vinegar for vegetables

I am using the Whole Food Plant based diet , which excludes extracted oils. So in place of butter and oil based salad dressings , I am trying vinegars and citrus. This red wine vinegar is PERFECT on my raw tomato slices and on steamed spinach and broccoli. SO smooth compared with the grocery store vinegar I have use in the past

good as wine in a sauce

This is good in a vinaigrette or in a sauce you would use red wine. Full flavor and delicious. Brightens and enhances spices.


best apple cider vinegar I have ever tasted. Great with cooked pork dishes and I can't resist drinking shots of this vinegar

Crisp & Clean!

Delicious! Crisp & clean flavor with just the right amount of tart/sweet balance. First use was for a cucumber salad. Eager to try it in other ways.

Best flavor in vinegars…ever!

I adore the red wine vinegar! Nothing matches the beautiful flavor in it. Can’t wait to use the others in my first order. Excellent products and customer service.

Nice change of pace

I just received your red wine vinegar and used it in an Italian vinaigrette. A little goes a long way! It is very flavorful with a rich body and a pleasing aroma. I will be trying your other vinegars as required. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Subtle flavor

Nice to have a product that is true to its adds! Great flavor with subtle undertones. I'm a fan!

Milder vinegar than red wine

I love this vinegar as well as the red wine vinegar. It is milder but very flavorful and full of character. I will be ordering the large bottle next.

Red Wine Vinegar review

Very good and strong red wine vinegar. Great on fresh salads, extra virgin olive oil and tossed. I started with a small bottle but soon ordered a large bottle. Plenty of character and flavor.

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