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Great vinegar. Mother made us do it.

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Perfect for fish and chips

This is so good, you can almost drink it. Pour it over goat cheese and eat with crackers. This stuff is delicious!


I received my order pretty fast. It is an awesome vinegar

Love this stuff

Beat vinegar ever!

Great vinegar

I made a dressing for a simple salad, with good EVO, your vinegar and oregano and a touch of Dijon. I really enjoyed the salad but what really struck me was 5 or 10 minutes later I got a very pleasant after-taste. I’ve never experienced this with the commercial vinegars I’ve used in the past. It was sharp but not bitter. Very nice.
I haven’t tried the Chardonnay vinegar yet but really look forward to it!

I thought it would be a little sweeter, but still has a great taste...

Good stuff !

Adds a nice buzz to soups & salads

The sweet spot in sour

I had searched everywhere for the right vinegar, one that would finish my hot sauce in perfect balance. This year I grew a pepper that was hot as hell but with such incredible over-ripe fruit flavors. I knew fermenting would mellow them out, but I refuse to add distilled white vinegar to such a beautiful harvest. The IPA Beer Vinegar accentuates the hidden sweetness of the hot pepper while adding an amazing tartness without throwing that acidic bite in your face. Hands-down the best vinegar for this recipe, but it doesn't stop there. The malty and sour IPA puts store bought malt vinegars to shame, and it's in a different league from wine vinegars which can be too sharp for finishing some dishes. While almost expected with the classic fried fish & chips, I had an incredible experience finishing a grilled whole branzino with IPA Malt Vinegar and it was beer and barbecue in every bite. I highly recommend this vinegar to everyone who loves flavor, quality, and trying something above the ordinary. 5 Stars!


The towel was very cute. Perfect size for working around. Thank you.


Great kick for salads and coleslaw

Great flavor!

Best apple cider vinegar we’ve tried

Far and Away tastier than the usual store versions

Have used this to dress a simple salad. It added great flavor without needing to use too much. Quality and flavor, what more can you ask for in so simple an ingredient!

Truly the star of the show

I made my own fish and chips at home simply to test out the suggestion of using this vinegar...well I was overjoyed at the result. Far from the standard malt vinegar usually used with fish and chips, this added a wonderful burst of flavor to each bite. It was truly the star of the dish and I can't wait to explore more with it and also to use the Red Wine and Chardonnay I purchased at the same time

Another favorite…

I’m trying to not use the word “delicious” because that doesn’t say enough, but this is in fact…delicious. It has a clean flavor with a hint of cherry, and has worked beautifully for both pan sauces and quick pickling of cucumbers and red onions. I can’t recommend highly enough. (It’s delicious! 🤷🏻)

So grat

Amazing product. could not have ordered a better vinegar.

American Vinegar Works - 19.5 Miles from the Tree Apple Cider Vinegar

Crisp, bright and clear cider vinegar, anything but ordinary.

American Vinegar Works - Poter Beer Malt Vinegar

Wonderfully deep noted malt vinegar with undertones of the host porter. Perfect for beef or lamb stews to finishing fish and chips...

Red wine vinegar

This was a gift. From what my son tells me he’s thoroughly pleased.

I can’t choose a favorite!!!

If you’re in doubt for a place to start with trying these vinegars, I suggest you start with this. For everything from quick pickling red onions and cucumbers to making a pan sauce or just glazing sautéed mushrooms (try it!) the flavor is rich, layered, and has the mellow spark you want to make all your foods delicious.

American Vinegar Works vinegars are unlike anything I’d ever tried before. Unabashedly recommended.

Mother made me do it!!

Best craft vinegar I've tasted
I've made quick pickles with the
White rice vinegar. Salad dressing with the cherry rice
vinegar. Battered Cod with
Porter Malt vinegar, and quick cabbage kraut with the ACV.


The Porter Beer Malt Vinegar is just about my favorite. Such a rich deep flavor - for stews, braising - probably more. Buy some - experiment!

I haven’t tried yet

Give yourself a little kick

This hot vinegar is as unique as it is amazing. Couldn't wait to try it. This is one I'll buy over and over. Wherever I want a little kick to my recipe, I put it in. Recently, I combined it with horseradish mustard, garlic, and oil for a great vinaigrette. I make a great simple slaw recipe and I've used it for that. I've sprinkled it over raw cucumbers with salt, too. I'm trying it in my pickle recipe next.

Chardonnay Makes it Fancy

I should rather say...a touch of class. I just opened this up today and used it with my tilapia. I can't wait to give this vinegar some other cooking opportunities. The chardonnay flavor stands out, yet isn't overpowering at all. A great way to fancy-up many of your recipes. Oooo...I also combined it with sun-dried tomatoes for a little side dish.

Get your blueberry on!

This vinegar is flavorful for sure! I use it for simple homemade dressings (just add a bit of vanilla stevia and dijon mustard, maybe some water depending on how tart you like it). I also use it in ice water for a bit of refreshing kick. I will buy two bottles next time.

Strong to the Taste

I did a salad with good olive oil and the red wine vinegar straight from the bottle. It was quite pungent, so the next time, I may try to use less or cut it. Excellent flavor to use for multiple purposes.

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