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Great vinegar. Mother made us do it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
As good as North Beach

This vinegar is as good as the ones I used to be able to get from the home wine makers in North Beach. I've been looking for years since that generation passed and this is the first one that is as good

Red wine vinegar

Fabulous taste! Really great vinegar! Will buy again

Passion pays off!

I've been searching for a great RVW and finally it has landed! Thank you!

Honey wine

I have not had the chance to use it yet, but it tastes wonderful by itself!! :)

First impressions are very good indeed.

Comparing the red wine vinegar with a well-reputed Italian equivalent in a taste test; yours stood out for its range and depth of flavor, and its length. It doesn't merely evaporate on the tongue but has weight; it hangs around a while.

We used the rice wine vinegar in a pork and shrimp stir fry; the flavors in the whole dish were enlivened. A real treat for the tastebuds!

I'll review further as we delve into our other bottles, and our new samplers.

I LOVE this vinegar!

Wonderful, bright flavors

Very pleased with the presentation. I make homemade salad dressings and these vinegars make a noticeable difference in the flavor of the dressings. Bright, lovely and no bitterness. I will continue to purchase these vinegars and highly recommend them!

Yummy with fish fry!

Wisconsin is Friday fish fry heaven. I used the IPA malt vinegar last night on my fish fry of walleye, cod, perch. Really delicious! The porter is good, too.

Excellent service

My overriding comment is: this company handled an issue with great speed and grace. I am so impressed! In todays world, customer service is greatly lacking. You, sir, went above and beyond good service. I will certainly order again.

Best vinegar EVER

The red wine vinegar is the best I've ever tasted. Top marks!

Live vinegar

Excellent quality!

Love this apple cider vinegar!

Was looking to support more regional small businesses and stumbled across American Vinegar. Their apple cider vinegar really packs a nice punch - crisp and clean flavors and has been delicious drizzled on roasted veggies and in salad dressings!

Great with fish fries!

Bought some for the person who turned me onto malt vinegar on a fish fry. Friday fish fries are very popular in Wisconsin. The vinegar is delicious.

use them in reductions! fantastic for deglazing a pan after making a steak. yum!

What you taught me, was to use your vinegars in reductions. Such good advice. I would never have done that, despite pouring hundreds of old bottles of wine into pans (yea. I know. I even took that course. I have a degree in biology. but somehow I did not connect vinegar and wine. )

So now, when I deglaze, I reach for one of your bottles. And it works. maybe it's my palatte, but it totally works.

I love what you are doing. Please don't stop. and yea, please make a pineapple vinegar :-)

We Love It

We usually buy good vinegars but this one is the best. We will buy more! Can it come in a larger bottle? Delicious vinegar.

Welcome change from other commercial vinegar

Such a softer, less bitey vinegar. I love it and find I’m using it on foods I’ve never used it on previously - especially vegetables.

Gifts for Cooking Daughters

Both my daughters cook a great deal, regularly experimenting with new ideas. They both loved the 4 basic set on Christmas. I was very pleased with the presentation and the extra care in packaging. One set included a kitchen dish towel. I held back the dish towel. Is it possible to get another dish towel so they both can have anew dish towel? Thank you

Wild Blueberry Vinegar is the bomb!

I was somewhat skeptical about these "flavored" vinegars and whether they would actually have the flavors come through. Well, I tried the Wild Blueberry last night and I was amazed! I am trying to cut down on oils, so now, I won't need the oil to mix with this vinegar to put on my salads, it's truly a taste treat!

Absolutely delicious

I’m shocked by how delicious this vinegar is and how wonder it tastes in my salads and on veggies. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Very clean and delicious

Received a variety four pack as a gift. Used the beer vinegar on oven roasted potatoes—was delicious. Look forward to trying the rest

Amazing Vinegar

Never had vinegar that didn’t make my stomach burn before. Or even that I could stand to taste on its own. But this vinegar is delicious. And each has its own distinct taste. I got a four flavor sampler - the champagne vinegar is actually my fave.


This is not vinegar to pour in bean soup... this vinegar is perfect for flavoring/finishing fine foods similar to an excellent EVOV...
It goes a long way and is worth every penny.

Too good for pickling but fantastic for dressings and just plane dipping

I often use red wine vinegar for pickling red onions (one of my favorite snacks), but this was just a bit too good for that and expensive.I have enjoyed dipping bread into this and making lite salad dressings. When I first opened the bottle and smelled the aroma and then tasted this vinegar, I knew this was a cut above the other red wine vinegars I have had in the past, and I’ve had many. I will be treating my self to this for years to come. Can’t wait to try some of the other vinegars. Also, fantastic customer service. My first shipment came frozen and damaged and they promptly sent me a replacement.

Great taste

Very tasty on batter fried fish


I like oil and wine vinegar for my salad but only once in awhile because the vinegar is so tart but with this vinegar it taste more like wine! It is so good you need to get this.

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