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Customer Reviews

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As Expected

Vinegars good quality, good taste.

Honey wine vinegar

Loved it taste so smooth. Wife loves it too. Sipping vinegar, yes!!

Good stuff

Like blueberry the best. Not sure what to use the hot flavor on.

Apple Cider Vinegar

That is only one I have tried so far.


The vinegars and olive oil are vibrant flavors and really perk up any recipe I try them in. I want more recipes! I love locally sourced and made products and that you use developmentally challenged adults to pack your boxes. And the personal notes are fun to receive in this day and age. Thank you for a superior product with side benefits that I hope will make my increasingly boring cooking take a step up into exciting food to cook and eat!

Best EVOO and vinegar!

Great company with quality products. Absolutely worth buying from! Best extra virgin olive oil I’ve had and love the vinegars too.

Kitchen Essentials

Perfectly crafted vinegars and oil. Simple a pleasure to work with in the kitchen. Makes cooking exciting again!

These are so wonderful to try all the flavors interested in. And they are all delicious!

As good as it gets

This rice wine vinegar is in a class of its own.

This is very good.

I don't know enough about rice wine vinegar to say this is "great", but I know enough to know this is very, very good.

Fantastic vinegar

The vinegars are sublime. Such amazing flavors. I use the rice vinegar to pickle onions for Asian dishes and burgers. Everyone who tastes them talks about the depth of flavor and how unique they are. Much better than the average apple cider vinegar.

Highly recommended!

The description is adequate but no description is as fulfilling as the taste test. Completely no way to describe the actual taste. I’ve only got to the red wine but I’m sure the others will NOT disappoint me.

A little disappointing. Very acidic but no flavor to go along with the acidity

Very absorbent.

Best ever

When I used the Apple cider vinegar for bbq sauce the flavor was so much better. Next I used it in my meat injection recipe and the results were amazing. This vinegar is the best I’ve ever used and I can’t wait to try the other vinegars you make. Great product!

Quality product

At first I thought the array of vinegars was a tad pricey. But once I sampled them I immediately realised that the quality, balance and taste of the bottles were superior to other popular brands from "so called" specialist boutique" outlets. With this company the adage "you get what you pay for" rings true. Excellent product and definitely worth the purchase price. In the words of Tina Turner "Simply The Best". - Dr. E D Uri

19.5 miles from the trees vinegar.

This vinegar reminds me of the local vinegar years ago until the big companies took over..
The flavor is out of this world.
I will not buy no other brand again.
Thank you for this great product from vinegar works.

Delicious and accurately described

High quality
Benefitting to my health
Wonderful flavor
Every detail was attended to
Attractively packaged with care
Owner obviously loves his products as a ‘calling’, not just a product

American Vinegar Works

Excellent taste and so mild. Like the size of the bottles also. Very good. I've only opened the Apple Cider one so far and I love it!

Simply the best vinegar I’ve ever tasted. The red wine vinegar is also fabulous.

Excellent flavor of the varieties I have tried.

So much better than store bought

This is outstanding

Everyone loves it. Literally the only request is to go to twist tops.

Vinegar revalations!

I've tried all of AVW's vinegars, and every one of them is extraordinary. There is a subtlety and depth of flavor that you just don't find in other vinegars. The Pink Pacific Rose Wine Vinegar is soft and gently, the Hot Vinegar is the opposite, strong and assertive. My favorite is their Tarragon Vinegar, which is perfectly balanced. Their Red Wine Vinegar has become my go to vinegar for all my dressings. Just great products, worth every penny!

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