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I ordered the 4pack, and had a tasting at work. While we liked all of them , the blueberry was an absolute favorite. Can't wait to get a big bottle to share for our daily dose!


This ACV is the absolute best I've ever tried! It livens up green salads, cole slaw, and any other veg or fruit salad I've tried it with. Bright, clean, tasting ever so slightly of apples. It's like sitting in an orchard on a warm, sunny day. Beautiful, beautiful vinegar. I'm so very glad I've found American Vinegar Works!

Best with Fish & Chips!

Made fish and chips the day this gorgeous vinegar arrived. It was perfect! Better than any I'd had - ever. It's also great as a component to salad dressing. I'm looking forward to discovering new uses for this absolutely beautifully balanced vinegar. Another to keep on hand at all times!

So nice!

A beautifully clean, slightly sweet, and mildly acidic vinegar that compliments any beef or lamb dish. Deglazing the pan the meat has been seared in with a splash of this sherry vinegar instantly adds a layer of umami to the sauce. A wonderful vinear to have on hand at all times!

What can I say. They are great. I bought a sample box for my son and his wife and they love them and me .


I ordered the sampler set to see whether I could taste a difference, and my answer is yes. These vinegars have more interesting, more delicious flavors than the ones from the grocery store. They perk up a dish or mocktail and add more than just a sour note. I plan to order more. The "Better than Champagne" is especially nice.

A great sample pack

I'm just beginning to explore this sample pack - starting with the Apple Cider Vinegar. It has a sweet/tart profile and I look forward to enjoying using it in a variety of dishes. I've just begun with a couple of tablespoons added to my favorite BBQ sauce...really enjoying that tang. Now on to the other samples in the pack. Thank you for a real treat.

What a nice find!

I've used Apple Cider Vinegar for maybe 15 years...recently I've started trying some small batch vinegars from American Vinegar works and am beginning to understand the difference between vinegars...namely their main ingredient and how it enhances flavors and flavor profiles. I quickly became a fan of the Chardonnay Vinegar in a recipe for Brussel Sprouts and Agrodulce...a very new sauce for me. OH MY...not to be believed. I continue to use this vinegar as an added zing to homemade cole slaw. I'm now a big fan.

Nice quality oil

This is a nice quality American olive oil. Will purchase again. Goes great with the red wine vinegar.

Delighted with Cranberry Apple Cider

Purchased more Apple Cider Vinegar and when it arrived discovered I ordered Cranberry Apple Cider. The following morning baked apples were on the breakfast menu and I used the Cranberry Apple Cider to finish up the apples. It was a great mistake especially for this recipe. They were even more delicious with a hint of Cranberry. I will definitely purchase again.

It’s been wonderful, and I can’t wait to try another variety!

Honey, I'm Home

Come home to a salad dressed with Honey Wine Vinegar. When the vinegar is this good, simply splash the olive oil and vinegar over your greens. This vinegar is pure, clear, clean tasting. I love the hint of wood. My friend, June, and I visited the production facility in MA (quite by mistake), but we were welcomed into the facility and introduced to this wonderful vinegar. I will never use any other vinegar!
They are all delicious, but the Honey Wine Vinegar is my favorite so far. I will try them all because the bottle size permits you have several. That's a great idea. Do your friends and family a favor and introduce them to this vinegar!

Always the best!

My first bottle of the rice vinegar but definitely not my last. I have added it to my rice cooker to give my rice some tang, to my ramen noodles, to my spring rolls mix and to a sesame oil dressing and it is smooth and delicious!


Rice wine vinegar is the smoothest I’ve ever tasted. Not at all harsh as is the grocery store experience. Thank you!


Absolutely delicious!! When smoking pork I use this for my sprits. Love it!!! This is pic is the finish product but I use it throughout the process. No 3-2-1. The ribs come out tender and the color is from the sprits and rub. Love their products.

Amazing vinegars… I use many vinegars for a salt substitute and the flavors of these are amazing! Service was A++ This will definitely be my vinegars for life…(-:

Intense Flavor

. Recently I received a new recipe called pickled shrimp calling for vinegar where I used American Sherry Vinegar instead of the usual white. It was not just delicious, but with the substitution it became sensational. Can’t wait to try them all.

Tastes like apple cider vinegar. Definitely nothing special.

You people keep on impressing

Without a doubt, the best rice wine vinegar I ever tasted. Balanced is my best description of this vinegar. This kicked @$$ on every application used from fusion vinegrettes, stir-frys and dipping sauces!!

Beer Malt Vinegar

Yummmmm, I put it on some chicken drumsticks with olive oil & sea salt, then marinated for a couple of hours. Fin ally, I broiled them for 20min/side in a toaster oven! They were delicious! The Beer Malt Vinegar is less tart than the Sherry Vinegar. Both are delicious!!!

California Sherry Vinegar

This is a very tart but delicious vinegar. It will give what you are cooking or in a salad dressing a zip!!!

Sherry vinegar

I cook with lots of sherry vinegar from Spain, substituted American Vinegar Works Sherry this weekend and it tasted better. What more can you ask for better flavor at a better price

New vinegar hits the spot!

This new variety of vinegar is one I asked for and was waiting for. It does not disappoint. It has fruity notes and nice acid. So far I have only used it in a vinaigrette, which was nice. Like I have come to expect for your vinegars it has a clean finish and great flavor. I will recommend this to cooking friends.


PRIMO addition to my kitchen

The biggest favor I have ever done my own palate was to get these vinegars. My grandmother used to make her own vinegar and she used them for all kinds of reasons: cooking, medicinal, she even had one that she used for laundry. I’m not sure what that was about but these 4 vinegars are like switching from cologne to perfume. They are so flavorful and the clarity of the taste is exceptional. I’ve just discovered a new can’t live without it product. These are great. I hope everyone gives them a shot because they’ll never buy a store bought ivinegar again . This is a forever product. I am glad you folks are on the planet.

sweet and sour--delightful

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