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Beer Malt Vinegar

Our beer vinegars, or beer malt vinegars, are made using New England craft beers. Each vinegar has its own taste profile that reflects the flavor of the beer that was used. Both beer vinegars are aged in old rye whiskey barrels after fermentation.

Beer Malt Vinegar FAQs

What is beer vinegar?

Beer vinegar is simply vinegar that is made from beer. Like any other traditional vinegar the flavor of the vinegar is guided by the quality and variety of alcohol used. In this way you can have multiple varieties of beer vinegars just as you have multiple varieties of beers at your local pub.

What is the difference between malt vinegar and beer vinegar?

They are related. All traditional vinegars start with sugars that are fermented into alcohol and then fermented again into acetic acid or, by another name, vinegar.

Malt vinegar is made from alcohol that is created specifically to make vinegar—it was never meant to be enjoyed or drunk on its own and, as such, it is our opinion that it generally produces a less flavorful vinegar.

Beer malt vinegars on the other hand are made from beers that were always meant to be enjoyed as beer. By picking the best beers we can make the best beer vinegars or beer malt vinegars.

What are the uses for malt vinegar or beer malt vinegars?

French fries with malt vinegar is likely the first use many people have for malt beer vinegars. There are numerous other uses you should consider including dousing on fried fish, finishing stews, seasoning roasted cruciferous vegetables, or for adding brightness to sauces.

Is beer vinegar gluten free?

No. Beer vinegar is made from beer and beers generally do have gluten. Beer vinegar is not appropriate for anyone who has a gluten or wheat allergy.

Other vinegars like cider, rice, or wine vinegar generally do not have gluten but you should always check the ingredients if you have gluten or other allergy concerns.

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