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Wine Vinegar

Wine vinegars are the preferred vinegar for many Mediterranean cultures and frequently used in vinaigrettes. Our wine vinegars are made using quality California wines and are barrel-aged after fermentation. 

Wine Vinegar FAQs

Does red wine vinegar have alcohol?

Possibly a tiny amount.

Red wine vinegar, like all wine vinegars, is made from wine. Bacteria eat away at the wine and transform it into vinegar. At the end of the vinegar fermentation process there may be a small amount of residual alcohol - think 0.1% or 0.2% ABV (alcohol by volume). This is the case for all traditional vinegars.

The federal government requires that vinegars have less than 0.5% ABV in residual alcohol to be sold commercially.

Does red wine vinegar go bad?

Red wine, like most other vinegars, will be safe to use “almost indefinite{ly}” according to the Vinegar Institute.

The taste and appearance of your vinegar may change over time as it ages. Our vinegars are raw and unpasteurized—meaning they still contain vinegar bacteria, are alive, and, therefore, can evolve over time.

You do not need to refrigerate our vinegars but you should keep them sealed to starve the bacteria of additional oxygen and limit the changes in the flavor profile.

What is a red wine vinegar substitute?

Our Pink Pacific Rose Wine Vinegar is a substitute for red wine vinegar.

As you may know, rose wines are made from red wine grapes that have had less skin contact during alcoholic fermentation. Because of this the rose and red wine vinegars have similarities but rose vinegar, like rose wine, tends to be lighter and brighter than red wine vinegar.

You may also want to explore our Cherry Rice Wine vinegar. It has the delicate flavor of rice wine vinegar but has picked up the tannins of the tart cherry and, as such, has some similarities to the tannic nature of red wine vinegars.

Do you add sulfites to your wine vinegars?

No. We never add sulfites or any preservatives to our finished vinegars. They are raw and unpasteurized because vinegar is a natural preservative.

It is common, however, for wineries to add sulfites to their wines as part of the wine production process. We do our best to remove those sulfites because sulfites inhibit our bacteria from doing their job during the vinegar fermentation process. That said, there is a chance that some amount of sulfites may be present in our wine and cider vinegars.

All of our vinegars that may have residual sulfites from the alcohol fermentation are labeled with "contains sulfites" on the back label next to the ingredients. You should not use vinegars labeled with "contains sulfites" if you are allergic to sulfites.

Beer and rice wine vinegars generally do not contain sulfites because no sulfites are used in alcohol production.

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