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Mess Up Mashed Potatoes

Mess Up Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potatoes actually started life as a German potato salad. But I forgot the potatoes boiling so the options were to toss them out or make mashed potatoes. With a few tweaks these became our go to recipe for tangy, herb-rich mashed potatoes and a perfect side for grilled meats or broiled salmon.

Please note these are “Mess Up”, not messed up mashed potatoes. They are perfect mashed potatoes and we are thankful for the opportunity presented by the original mess up…. If you have any left you can add an egg and make remarkable hash browns the next day. If you form them into latke-like rounds and lightly pan fry/griddle they can be served for brunch topped with smoked salmon, lemon, and capers and some of the leftover crème fraiche.