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Wild Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar

Wild Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar


Made from New England craft apple cider and co-fermented with wild Maine blueberries this vinegar is sweet and tangy. This vinegar is one of our Nano Batch vinegars which are very small experimental fermentations that are not part of our regular line-up.   

Please note that because of the very small batch process for this vinegar these bottles have standardized Nano Batch labels that then include printed sticker additions to indicate the specific experimental variety. 

Perfect For
Vinaigrettes, dressings, marinades, warm grain salads, roasted beets, cocktails and drinking shrubs. 

Fermentation Base
Apple Cider

Base Origin

Taste Profile
Tangy with just a hint of blueberry and sweetness.

Production Process
Co-fermented with wild Maine blueberries. Aged. 

Minimum Acidity