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Equinox Spritz

Equinox Spritz

This spritz, gently reminiscent of a cool mulled wine, is an effervescent delight. Our UltimateRed Wine Vinegar, which utilizes California Shiraz (Syrah), gives it a rich and opulent brightness. We served this drink at the ribbon cutting at our historic vinegar works and it was a crowd favorite with some folks describing it as a fall sangria. A spritz that is sure to please at any time of year but that we love during sweater weather.

A note on amaro. Amaros are Italian herbal liqueurs sometimes served as digestives. There are many brands and styles of amaros but, because of the herbs used, their flavors really do vary. For this spritz we would recommend sticking with the Cardamaro which is made with a Mediterranean wild thistle (so fancy!...). We did try the recipe with our favorite amaro, Cynar, which is made from artichoke and the truth is that the drink just wasn't the same. Which all goes to show that our bartender friend-- who developed this recipe just for our vinegar-- is right again...

A note on the syrup. I know it sounds intimidating (or at least it was to me when I first saw it...) but it really is just dissolving sugar and water together with some cinnamon sticks for flavor. You can do it. Empress your friends and neighbors! And use the leftovers to sweeten your tea.