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Rice Wine Junmai-Tai

Rice Wine Junmai-Tai

This is our take on a classic Mai Tai. By using our California Junmai Rice Wine Vinegar instead of lime we create a more nuanced acid layer which works particularly well when you shake this one with mint.

If you haven't encountered orgeat before, it is a sweet milky-looking syrup that is most often made with almonds. You'll be able to find it in just about any liquor store and it is commonly used when simple syrup is just too simple. It is relatively inexpensive and worth trying to purchase one that is made from quality ingredients, like cane sugar, instead of corn syrup.

We can't decide if we think our Junmai-Tai is a summer cocktail that brings us cool beach breezes or a deep-dark winter cocktail delivering liquid sunshine. So we drink it all year long.